1 03, 2014

“The Need Too Know”

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The need "to be in the know" is basic human nature. Knowledge is powerful and when people are not in the know, rumors (gossip and chatter) are born. A rumor is the spread of unidentified origin of uncertain information. Insufficient [...]

27 12, 2012

Partnerships That Add Value

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SSC partners with reputable aviation companies to bring the most value & support to our clients. One way this is accomplished is through our strategic partnership with USA Aircraft Brokers, Keith Latour. USA Aircraft Brokers Inc. includes  110 brokers nationwide. [...]

19 11, 2012

A Time For Thankfulness

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  Being thankful is considered being conscious of a benefit being received . . . a state of mind - conscious of your surroundings - appreciating those around you. This time of year we seem to be bombarded by the [...]

16 01, 2012

Here We Go – Yet Again

By |2019-01-04T00:14:35+00:00January 16th, 2012|Miscellaneous, Uncategorized|

The Business Aviation community is being attacked by our government yet again. This latest attack comes disguised as a revenue producer that has proven to be a failure everywhere it's been implemented. The concept of user fees on the surface [...]

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