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21 05, 2012

Aviation Services Value Exceeds Cost

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Successful business growth, productivity, and return on investment, all require hard work and long hours. However, too often it is lifestyle that is penalized as a result.  More than occasional, businesses think the solution is to add or not to [...]

7 05, 2012

International Travel

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Traveling internationally can be a fun and rewarding adventure. Many think international travel is difficult, but arranging an international trip is not much more of a hassle than traveling to other destinations. There are, however, a few very important issues [...]

3 05, 2012

What’s In A Name?

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Special Services Corporation (SSC)business market is aviation services. SSC is an assembled team of individuals that are responsible to perform the extensive and complex transactions required in the aviation industry. Possibly one of the the most often asked questions today may [...]

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