How is SSC Different?

When you talk to people that travel a lot, they will tell you two things:

  1. Travel by airline is not the pleasurable, glamorous experience it used to be.
  2. Using some of the typical charter and jet card services is not the personalized, convenient experience it used to be.

Why not?

The airlines are in a race to the bottom – in order to compete, they have cut out amenities and even basic services. No secret there.

But what many people don’t know is that many of the charter companies have also endeavored to cut expenses wherever possible.  Many companies have pilot and staff turnover issues as pilots search for opportunities where they make a better salary and have more predictable home time.  As these charter companies struggle for short term profits and shareholder results, the quality of service has deteriorated. One charter passenger complained, “Lately the charters have been treating people like cattle.   I’ve had more warm, friendly experiences with airline crews!”

By contrast, SSC is interested in long-term relationships and is willing to invest what it takes to make that happen. Our pilots have been with the company for an average of 8-10 years, and we do our best to ensure we take care of them. In turn, they take better care of you and your team or your family.

Some Things Change, But Our Values Never Do!

Liberty Life Insurance Company was founded in 1905 and later (through core business diversification including insurance, radio and television) became the Liberty Corporation. Liberty early on recognized the value an airplane would bring to their business. Liberty and Stevens Textiles (the former parent company and origin of Stevens Aviation) shared airplane services.

In 1958 Liberty purchased a twin Beech-18. To manage its new airplane, Liberty created a subsidiary company called Special Services Corporation (SSC).

SSC was tasked with developing a professional and safe flight department. Mr. Frank Dosser was hired as the first flight department manager and chief pilot. Frank’s insight for safety expanded the flight department to add aircraft maintenance. This gave SSC not only added mission support, but solidified the permeation of operational safety.Special Services, under the leadership of Mr. Dosser, established its aviation operations on the north ramp of the Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU) – the busiest general aviation airport in South carolina.

The exclusive hangar facility and new home of the SSC flight department was purchased from Winn-Dixie Stores. Winn-Dixie Stores originally built the facility to operate their flight department until moving to Jacksonville, Florida (JAX).As Liberty grew, it became more accustomed to the benefits of its new airplane and flight department. Liberty continued to realize the  business advantage the airplane had become.


To meet demand, additional airplanes were purchased in the mid 1960’s. The added Douglas DC-3 could carry more passengers over a longer distance than the Beech 18. The increased fleet offered the flexibility of long or short distances, simultaneous trips, and added passenger capacity.

Aviation technology continued to evolve at a rapid pace in the 70s and 80s. The availability of turbine powered aircraft offered faster, quieter, and smoother travel than predecessor aircraft. To take advantage of these new found capabilities, Special Services Corporation purchased a Lear 25 as its first jet aircraft and a Beech King Air 90 to replace the twin Beech. Mr. Dosser’s retirement promoted Robert Traynham to manage and lead the SSC team through 1985.

In more recent history, Jim Alexander led SSC until his death in December, 2015.  Eric Groves and Doug Goldstrom make up the current SSC management team.

As the years have progressed, Special Services has operated, managed, purchased, and sold many different aircraft including the Lear 35, Citation II, Citation Ultra, Citation Encore, KA-200, Cheyenne IIXL, and Cheyenne IIIA to name a few.Again through insight, in 1999 Special Services obtained FAR 135 Air Carrier Certification.

The charter certificate has been used as a tool to grow the flight department into a revenue producing company through aircraft charter. SSC’s primary, bottom-line objective was to reduce the cost of flight department operations. In addition, SSC expanded its aircraft maintenance services to outside customers.Safety has always been a priority at Special Services.

In recognition of our efforts since our beginning, the National Business Aircraft Association presented Special Services with the 50 Year Safety Award in 2008.

Today, the SSC exclusive facility remains at the Greenville Downtown Airport making SSC the longest tenant on the field.Today, Special Services continues to provide aircraft operations, maintenance, and management services from single engine aircraft to jet aircraft and offers the full amenities of a professional flight department at a part-time cost. Our long experience offers expertise that extends into aircraft maintenance, aircraft charter, aircraft purchases and sales, and all inclusive aviation management.

Although our expertise and resources are broad, the SSC experience is personal, professional and caring. Our unique customer focus provides opportunity, flexibility, dependability and balance, to yield the advantages of full-time professional flight department ownership through collaborative planning at a reduced cost to fit your budget.Special Services offers an Opportunity to maximize aviation resources for less cost and risk. Our management objective is to provide aviation services at an added value, not added cost.Special Services’ managed Flexibility offers a “designed to fit” aviation program to meet your needs. We offer creative solutions to help your travel arrangements fly forward at maximum value and minimum cost.Special Services’ more than 50 years of service in the aviation industry has earned it a reputation for excellence and integrity in the greatest ability a company can have – Dependability.  This professional Balance affords you an unrivaled value in aviation services. SSC’s managed aviation services balance opportunity, flexibility, and dependability to add value to your specific aviation need at a planned specific cost.

“Safety, Integrity, Convenience, Economics, Professionalism — Our Mission”


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