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21 11, 2011

Our Mission

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SSC's mission is to extend the benefits of a professional full-time flight department to you for a part-time cost. In other words, no matter how small or how large your flight department may be, a management contract with SSC will [...]

5 11, 2011

Two Faced Aviation Industry

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"Safety Sensitive" operations is a common theme to the aviation industry. The aviation industry basically is incorporated with three parts: aircraft manufacturing, aircraft operations, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Both aviation and the general public agree that safety is [...]

1 11, 2011

It Depends

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Does flying really have to be so expensive? Well no, not really, and "it depends" seems to be one of the most common answers to this ageless question. "It depends" is going to be the concept with the most variables. It [...]