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24 09, 2012

Put Your Airplane Back to Work!

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Let’s talk about finding your jet,  turboprop or piston aircraft  a great job that you’ll love. SSC can handle all the details for you! SSC has been  managing aircraft since 1958.  We understand the  importance of having your airplane ready [...]

10 09, 2012

Do You Know Your Pilot?

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What is your pilot's name? What about the co-pilot? Do you know if they are married or single? More importantly, do you know where they were last night, or how much rest they received? I guarantee that if you ride [...]

3 09, 2012

“Why I Want to be a Pilot?”

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What influence and image are we making on the business of providing Aviation Services? Whether or not you think you are important to aviation's overall image, maybe a fifth grade student, can demonstrate as he answers the question, "Why do [...]

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