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26 03, 2011

Say What?

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Aviation has been blessed with advances in aerodynamics, engine efficiencies, avionics and the best in technology today, yet  ATC and pilot communications are still experiencing age-old limitations of human nature that can distort messages. Probably the greatest inherent problems to voice communication [...]

18 03, 2011

What is SMS?

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SMS (Safety Management System) has been around since 2006, but what is it?  Simply put, "it brings structure, communication, and a lot of involvement" said Don Baldwin, President and CEO of Baldwin Aviation, to your flight department.  You may say [...]

7 03, 2011

Is Private Aviation Really Private?

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A program developed in the early 1990’s as an airspace management tool is the Aircraft Situation Display. It provides a real time depiction of the location, altitude, airspeed, destination, estimated time of arrival and tail number of most aircraft operating [...]

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