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21 06, 2012

Middle Schoolers Visit SSC

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Futuristically, SSC had an invaluable opportunity,  privilege, and honor to present aviation to a great group of young people from the Berea Middle School, Greenville, South Carolina. Lynn Edwards, Guidance Counselor and Denentrice Donald, Career Development Facilitator, were pleased and [...]

18 06, 2012

“Create Your Own Flight Plan”

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  “Create Your Own Flight Plan” was the theme of a recent joint venture where we teamed with Clemson at the Falls College of Business and Behavioral Science to promote their post graduate program. They were exhibiting at John Warner’s [...]

7 06, 2012

Got Bumps?

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by Craig Eichmeyer Air turbulence is something all pilots deal with from time to time. Pilots who choose to learn its causes, how it manifests itself and the types of situations, which produce it, are more likely to make positive [...]

4 06, 2012

So, You Own An Airplane! Now What?

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Have you ever heard the saying, "Buying an airplane is easy, but keeping an airplane is the hard part." You may ask, How is that? Airplanes are so expensive, that can't be possible. Well, many people will save up to [...]

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