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21 02, 2011

Paper or “IPad”?

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So, with all the advancements in electronics over the last few years, are you still using paper charts or have you converted to an electronic format? These days, many newer aircraft come equipped with a full glass panel cockpit.  Usually, [...]

14 02, 2011

“Are you aware of this”?

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Situation Awareness (SA) is how one sees and perceives the environmental and circumstantial elements within a specific measure of time. SA involves understanding or comprehending information and events and their potential impact on goals and objectives. Lacking or having inadequate SA [...]

4 02, 2011

Is Private Aircraft Travel Right For You?

By |2020-05-12T04:43:13+00:00February 4th, 2011|Aircraft Charter|

Although private aircraft travel may be one of the best values today, the regulation of its use is highly sophisticated. This reason and the complexity of aircraft operations, we believe, mandates professional aviation consultation, advice and guidance to be considered [...]

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