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25 07, 2011

Corporate Plane Tax Breaks

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Recently, our esteemed President floated another one of his brainy ideas. This time it was in a speech about the debt ceiling "crisis". His plan is to raise taxes, by disallowing the deduction, on corporations that purchase aircraft for business [...]

18 07, 2011

Partly Cloudy

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Clouds are very familiar to the aviation community. Cloud also is a "noun metaphor" used for the Internet. Information Technology (IT and at least the immediate entity known to me) has transitioned the noun into an acting verb cliche known as [...]

13 07, 2011

Grandparents Camp

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Special Services was recently given another opportunity to help expose a group of kids, their parents and grandparents to the fun, freedom and business of aviation. A local community has put together an annual summer camp for the visiting grandkids [...]

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