School tour of SSCFuturistically, SSC had an invaluable opportunity,  privilege, and honor to present aviation to a great group of young people from the Berea Middle School, Greenville, South Carolina. Lynn Edwards, Guidance Counselor and Denentrice Donald, Career Development Facilitator, were pleased and complimentary on the tour and presentation. The featured tour presentation was scheduled as a result of a first visit by Ms. Edwards to scout what SSC was all about:

“The history presented on the company was remarkable. It is truly a venture that has successfully weathered the ups and downs of a global economy. Also, I was able to see the various facets of your operation. The marketing and sales portion is a driving force behind your success. The technical and scientific  aspect of safety flying around the country and beyond is extraordinary. Then topped off the tour with a chance to sit in the cockpit. I felt like I experienced everything possible at Special Service Corporation except actually flying the plane.

In addition , you extended the invitation for our students to visit your business or speak in our classrooms. You said yourself that we are educating the next generation, and you could not be closer to the truth. Most of our students have never flown in a plane or even walked into an airport. I look forward to working with you in the future so that our students can become excited about the career pathways in a company such as Special Services Corporation. Thank you again for sharing your passion for the aviation industry. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed my time immensely.

Lynn Edwards, Guidance Counselor.


The young people were attentive, appreciative, and respectful. They came to SSC prepared with questions like

  • “What levels of education, training, and certification are required for the various job types at SSC?”
  • “What education subjects would better prepare us for aviation?”
  • “What are some personal employability qualities; job salary ranges; job challenges; job technology effect?” and the challenging question”
  • “What is the employment outlook in aviation?


Among the many impressive things about the Berea Middle School Group was the school slogan “Hard Work Pays Off.”