Alright,  we’ve all heard about industry associations and the proposed benefits that they offer their members.  I have to ask the question…What does your association do for you?  Are there real benefits to being a member?  Does your membership bring a value to you and your business?  Are you a member that is only a member because you feel it’s your civic responsibility to be part of that association?

Here’s a thought…If you want more out of your membership, be willing to put more into it.  Years ago, I heard this saying: “You get out what you put in”.  This principle rings true with industry associations and other associations and civic organizations that you choose to get involved with.

Whatever aspect of the aviation industry that you are interested in should be part of the South carolina Aviation Association (SCAA).  If your aviation interests are not supported by the SCAA, then contact them and see how you can get involved to help make the organization better.  This year, the SCAA put on its first annual Southeast Aviation Expo.  The event planners were thrilled when nearly 1,000 attendees were at the event, and some 35+ exhibitors came together to showcase their products and services.  As a result, the SCAA will be hosting the event again.  The show was geared toward pilots, which is somewhat out of the box for the SCAA, as they are typically an airport focused association.  That being said, the SCAA is developing some changes that will be implemented in 2012 with different membership levels, and added benefits for it’s members.  Keep an eye on for these changes.  Also, consider becoming part of South carolina‘s aviation community by showing support to the association that is here to promote all aspects of aviation.

Special Services Corporation is proud to be a member, and proud to be part of the annual Southeast Aviation Expo.  It was our pleasure to be one of your hosts.  We are looking forward to seeing you all again plus many new faces at next year’s second annual Southeast Aviation Expo.