Title 55 is the South Carolina code of laws that establishes the Division of Aeronautics and their authority. This code defines the aviation system in SC. The South Carolina Aviation Association in correlation with the South Carolina Division of Aeronautics has been asking that we connect with our
legislators and ask for their support in updating the Title 55.

The update is needed to bring modernization and conformity of SC laws to the Federal Aviation Act and the Federal Aviation Regulations. There are sections of the Title 55 code that are no longer necessary, and some that predate the Civil Aeronautics Board, which was completely eliminated at the end of 1984. Other than the modernization and conformity, the update to Title 55 would enhance the authority of the Division of Aeronautics power when addressing land use safety hazards. It would also help our state with the federal grant program and tax revenues for aviation use.

You might be asking what would this mean for Special Services Corporation. It would mean that our company, other flight departments, and other aviation related companies could depend on our state and our airports to continue providing safe, convenient facilities. We in turn could continue to provide our services to the companies within our operating area. Without the great airports in our state, we would lose current and potential business to our surrounding neighbor states. I appreciate the infrastructure that is here, but I would like to see our state continue to emerge as a leader in aviation, and I would like to see Special Services Corporation be at the forefront of business aviation in the great state of South carolina.
For specific reading, visit the South carolina Legislator online at
James Stephens
Vice President Marketing & Sales