Man has always endeavored to explore, initially, out of necessity to survive. Driven to hunt food, shelter and safety, we walked from place to place. Over time, tools were developed, needs met, and the pooling of resources allowed some to experiment and some to explore.

One hundred and eight years ago this month, an experiment with flight turned out to be a success. The Wright brothers claimed credit for being the first to sustain flight in a powered, heavier-than-air machine. We are now a very mobile society, traveling easily within our country’s borders, enjoying a freedom that is envied across the world.

Worldwide travel has never been more convenient, cheap, and easily arranged. Our aviation system is now one of our most important forms of transportation the world has ever seen. No other system of transportation since the dawn of man has had the capability to move so many people & product to the far corners of the earth so quickly.

And we all benefit from this modern system. Our culture and society can easily be exposed to the unique differences of other cultures and societies. Global business can flourish with the ability to have a timely meeting and a personal handshake.

Transportation has always shaped society’s culture and economy. The crossroads of ancient trading routes and parts evolved into cities and business hubs we see today.

Our modern aviation system is vitally important in these difficult times and is critical for job creation and business growth. Our rural areas are especially vulnerable. The cost and convenience of transportation can easily leave some places behind as demand and infrastructure change. Just look at some of the ghost towns along the old Route 66.

While rural communities have many attributes that modern business find attractive, the lack of transportation infrastructure can be a liability. Business aviation can provide that vital link to the rest of the world.

Business aviation will be a key factor in our nation’s economic recovery. The business aircraft is a time-saving, productivity-leveraging tool. We must realize that time is our most valuable non-renewable resource, to be guarded and protected.

Thanks to the Wright brothers, we have many options and tools available to use. Business must be encouraged to utilize these tools to expand & grow and this will be our way back to prosperity and economic recovery.

Steve Wiley

VP of Aviation Accounts