There has been an uproar in the news recently over the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the use of “body scanners” and pat downs.  The real issue here is our personal freedom and the security of the traveling passenger.  Benjamin Franklin made this statement in 1775, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Many believe that flying commercially is the only option available and therefore are willing to give up their 4th amendment rights to “illegal search and seizure”.  Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death”.  It seems to me, that since Sept 11, 2001, we are so willing to give up the rights that so many fought and died for in exchange for just a little sense of security.    But, just like in so many other areas of life, there are other options.  The alternative to flying commercial airlines is to fly on private air taxi “chartered” aircraft.  These aircraft can range from the small single-engine size  up to the large commercial airlines and be flown as chartered aircraft.  Some of the benefits to flying privately are as follows:

1.  No lines

2. No “body scanners”

3. No pat-downs

4. You know the other passengers on board.

5. You can show up at the airport and be in the air in 10 minutes

6. All the security of the airlines without the lines and hour and a half early show time.

7. The access to airports that the airlines can’t go to.  This allows you to get the the place you are going not the place the airlines take you.

Before you respond, I know, but this is for the rich folks.  Maybe you should give it a try.  The price of the trip depends on the length of the trip and the number of people you have going on the trip.  If you are going on a short trip and have only 2-3 passengers you can get a small single-engine aircraft that will meet the needs of your trip.  No doubt the cost to fly privately is more expensive then flying commercially just like the cost of eating organic foods is more expensive then eating non-organic food.  Thankfully, in this great country, we have the freedom to make these kind of choices every day.  Don’t give up your freedom for a little sense of security