“Air” is defined as colorless, odorless, and tasteless; a breeze; wind (big bag of wind); an impression; appearance; to give public utterance to as a blend of senses of several origins-generally open space. “Space” is defined broadly as the distance between two points or the area or volume between specified boundaries.

2012 being an election year thought this review might be helpful. The word “special” in this context could be defined as a featured attraction (to say the least). Thus “special airspace” may be construed as a specific candidate between the ears; how about candiate to candiate; not to mention between the political parties.

Please accept my humble pre-New Year (election year) warning as to the “specious” rhetoric that may come our way in 2012. Like all special use airspace we must be well trained and knowledgeable before entering.

“Let a word to the wise be sufficient”.

Jim Alexander