If done under the correct circumstances, placing your aircraft on SSC’s charter certificate can be a win-win situation. You as the owner receive revenues to offset costs, and SSC gets to charter the aircraft without having to fully support the costs of owning an aircraft. Below are five reasons you should consider adding your aircraft to SSC’s charter fleet.

  1. Offset your operating costs. Revenues will generally offset the variable expenses leaving the excess amounts to offset the fixed expenses, thus lowering the “all-in” cost to the aircraft owner.
  2. Reduce your liability if flown under SSC’s charter certificate. If you as the owner fly under part 135 then operational control rests with SSC, not with the aircraft owner.
  3. Access lower costs. Due to SSC’s exemplary safety record, the aircraft on SSC’s 135 certificate have lower insurance costs. Fuel discounts are also available through our fleet purchases at home base and through contract fuel vendors when away from home base. SSC also absorbs the pilot salaries and therefore relieves the aircraft owner of that expense. You as the owner only pay a day rate when you fly.
  4. Access SSC’s fleet of charter aircraft. If your aircraft is in maintenance or out flying a revenue trip, you have access to the other 135 aircraft in SSC’s charter fleet at a reduced rate.
  5. Experience reduced management hassles. SSC does all the work to ensure the aircraft is in compliance with regulations and FAA conformity checks, enhancing professionalism and safety.
This certainly is not an all-inclusive list, and each of these five reasons could be expanded into more detail. That is where we would like to hear from you. Call or email us today for a free consultation of your aircraft scenario.