Project Description

The Citation II, Model 550, has a maximum seating capacity of 8. In addition to more seats, it has  more powerful JT15D-4 engines (2,500 lbf (11 kN) thrust per engine), increase of fuel capacity to approximately 5000 lbs, faster speeds and longer range. A total of 603 aircraft were built.

Range of the Citation II

This beautiful, comfortable aircraft is excellent for longer flights with more people and equipment. Its range can comfortably include the East Coast of the US, north into Canada, south into the Caribbean, west into Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas  and up through the Midwest and Great Lakes area.

Why Charter this Citiation II?

  • Seating for up to 8 people
  • Range of up to 1200 miles
  • Cruises at 414 MPH

Why Charter with SSC?

  • Discounts Available
  • 50 Year Safe Flying Award
  • Experience – In business since 1958
  • Convenience – privacy, security, schedule flexibility
  • Thousands more airports served than the airlines
  • Conserve one of your most valuable assets – Time
  • Maximize productivity
  • Frequent Flyer Programs
  • Access to all aircraft types


An interesting bit of history – The US Customs & Border Protection purchased ten Citation IIs configured with the F-16’s APG-66(V) fire control radar system and the WF-360TL imaging system. These aircraft have been used effectively in Panama, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico and Aruba and are not to be confused with the similar OT-47B aircraft, which are based on the Cessna Citation V airframe.